Debit Card Conversion

 We are converting our current Visa Debit Cards to MasterCard EMV(Chip) Debit Cards. We are excited to bring this enhancement to our debit cards. Please make sure your address is current to ensure you receive your mailings in a timely manner.


Watch your mail carefully in May for important mailings, including your new debit card and PIN number.

Debit Card Conversion – FAQs

 Will I get a new card and PIN?

Yes, you will get a new debit card and a new PIN number. Be sure to update any merchants that you have recurring payments at with your new card information.

My card does not expire until later in the year. Will I get a new card?

Yes, all debit card holders will receive a new card and PIN number.

How is a chip card more secure?

The embedded microchip provides unique data specific to your card and the transaction being processed. These security features make your new chip card difficult to counterfeit. Chip Cards are already being used in most countries around the world, resulting in a reduction in card fraud. This improved security is why Chip Cards are coming to the U.S.

Can I use my card for everyday transactions or at non-chip terminals?

Yes. Your chip card will also have the usual magnetic stripe on the back so you can continue using your card at ATMS and Point of Sale Terminals while merchants in the U.S. transition to new terminals.

How do I make chip transactions at ATMs and Point of Sale Terminals?

Step 1: With the front facing up, insert your card into the ATM or in-store terminal. Do not remove your card until the transaction is complete. If you remove it too soon, your transaction will be canceled.

Step 2: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: You may be required to enter your PIN or sign the sales receipt to complete your purchase.

Step 4: When the transaction is complete, always remember to remove your card.